Blended Fresh
Fusion Mission Statement

At Blended Fresh Fusion, we are dedicated to bringing the vibrant flavors of cultures from around the world to your plate. “Fresh Fusion” is the newest style of fast casual dining. Cuisines fused together from Asian, Greek, Mexican, and American cultures, to name a few. Fresh Fusion can be whatever you want it to be. While we have incredibly delicious signature items on our menu, we love when customers create their own culinary masterpieces. All our menu categories are customizable and offer “build your own” options for all. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients to create a diverse menu that ensures you’ll never get bored. We invite you to join us on a flavorful journey where every bite is a fusion of freshness and innovation. We strive to blend flavors, cultures, and creativity to provide a delicious and memorable dining experience for all our guests. Eat food as unique as you!

Why did we open Blended?

We are a family-owned business. Blended in Point Pleasant, NJ is our first shot at the “fast casual” dining world. We are an active family, always going from one sporting event to another. We got tired of the “same old stuff” when looking for options to feed our children while out. When we found the chain sub shop up the street to be the healthiest option, we knew there was space for something new. We took a little bit of all the things we like to eat and “fused” them together.

We tried to create a guilt free option that people can feel good about feeding to their family. Our “Feel Good Food” motto is not just a saying, it’s a lifestyle. While not everything is “healthy”, it is always fresh and delicious. Sometimes you just want a friend chicken sandwich with some cheese on it and that is ok too. We do offer many organic and non-GMO items and the products we bring in we would happily feed to our own children. We are proud that you can feel good about feeding your family our food. High quality, fresh, and delicious options that everyone in the family will enjoy. We hope you will give us a try!

The Gullace Family

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