Cleanse & Detox Program

How To Cleanse

Why Do a Cleanse?

Your body is constantly attached with chemicals and toxins daily. The food we eat is full of pesticides, hormones, and pollutants. Our bodies work hard to naturally expel toxins, but it needs assistance from time to time.

By periodically cleansing, harmful substances will be expelled from our bodies. The 3-day juice cleanse will help kickstart your body into health, beginning to reverse bad habits, poor food choices, and lack of exercise.

Our cleanse and detox feature a diet of highly nutritious juices and smoothies that support and boost the function of the organs responsible for detoxification. Take this time to get some gentle exercise and plenty of rest to aid the body’s detox efforts.

The 3-day cleanse/detox program is super. easy to follow and is the minimum length of time needed to begin the detox process.

Take control of your health and wellness... you are worth it

Highlights if cleanse is

followed correctly.

How often should you cleanse ?

As often as you want! We see-most people cleanse at the change of each season. Prior to a big occasion or event that you want to lose a few pounds for. Or any time you feel your bad habits have gotten out of control. Reset and restore your body whenever you feel.

When should you start ?

The time is now. We find beginning over the weekend is the easiest with everyone’s busy lifestyle.

What is the difference between the two programs ?

The cleanse consists of 6 juices. We add in Kion Amino Acids into some of the juices. Amino acids are small molecules that are the building blocks of proteins. Aminos aid in muscle retention during the cleanse.

The detox consists of 3 juices and 3 smoothies. Our smoothies have plant-based protein in them which will aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Which will you lose more weight on?

The potential for weight loss is the same in both programs depending on your body type and how you break down food. There are less calories in the juice cleanse than there are in the detox.